Lightweight tailoring


Unconstructed make

Unconstructed shirts, jackets & coats. 

We want our coats and shirts to be both light and soft. While affording a more lively, relaxed and elegant look. They are also more comfortable to wear.

For connoisseurs with a refined sense of style and experience
caring for delicate garments, we’ve expanded our SS'16 Collection
to include a mind-blowing fine blend of wool and silk in a featherweight, 180 gram
Herringbone weave. Our lightest suiting ever: an unconstructed and unlined jacket in this cloth weighs under 400 grams!

This innovation can only be the work of Ermenegildo Zegna.  


The Ultimate travel blazer

Giro inglese by Ferla

Neither a typical textile nor a typical mill, our SS16 blazers’Giro Inglese is a perfect example of Ferla’s unique graftsmanship. In the airy and open Girlo Inglese weve, the treads of this wool, silk and nylon blend have been firmly and tightly woven at an extremly slow speed.

The True Essence


For a contemporary take on a summer jacket, we recommend one of our three intriguing herringbones by Solbiati. In addition to providing an element of wrinkl-resistance, the coarse-count yarns bright and distinctive slubs serve to enhance the herringbone pattern.

Offering superior breathability, these 100% fabrics make for an unusually cool warm-weather jacket. Down-to-earth, highly durable and orbust. Just like linen should be. 

Luxury comfort

Stretch fabrics from Loro Piana

For something completely different, you’ll want to get your hands on this exciting new fabric As soon as posisble.

Combining the elegance of wool and silk, the comfort of lycra and the class of Loro piana, we are such firm belivers thatwe;ve one and stocked our ss16 collection with 11 variants.